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Product Care

Stoned by Q (SBQ) 

To clean your jewellery, gently wipe surface after use with a gold polishing cloth and store in a sealed ziplock bag. 

Always remove your jewellery when applying perfume, body or hair products. Avoid contact with moisture and perspiration where possible. Store your jewellery individually in a sealed ziplock bag. 

Each SBQ design comes in linen pouch. 

Clutch Me by Q (CMQ) 

Always make sure to wipe the bag with a dry cloth before storing it away in its dust bag. 

Insert silica gel packets within the bag and in the dust bag provided. 

You may also choose to air-dry the bag for a few days and then wrap it in acid free paper before inserting into its dust bag. When storing, lay flat and do not stack anything over.  

When it comes to caring for exotic skins (python, watersnake, lizard)  it is best to avoid

  • Storing it in plastic as your exotic skin needs to breathe and plastic does not allow this. 
  • Exposing your exotic skin to UV light causes the skin dry out, turning it yellow and its scales to lift.
  • Lotions or oils as they may stain the bag and be impossible to get out. 
  • Contact with alcohol or acetone which can permanently damage the skin. 

It is recommended to go to master cleaners in exotic leathers if you encounter a stain that you cannot get out. 

If you have any questions about your order or product care, please contact us at Enjoy!